Cousin`s IV would return with new menu and new management in 2014
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Raw Culinary Art Classes
     For Individuals, Chefs & Instructors

Raw Chef & Chef Instructor Certification
     Curriculum I, II & III

Should You Go To Raw Vegan Culinary School?

The Raw Culinary field is one of the fastest growing industries today, and locating the perfect Raw culinary school is one way to begin your career as a Master Raw Chef. 
Every culinary schools are different. Raw Gourmets International helps you to get best of all hands on classes.

Now Raw Gourmet International offers bed and breakfast above the school building at very reasonable price as well. 

At Raw Gourmet International our mission is to help you to find your path so that you 
can begin your Raw Culinary career. We offer very basic to highest level of hands on 
raw culinary classes. What you learn here will help you to start your own Raw Vegan business. Raw Nutrition Informative classes, as well small workshops. Raw Culinary art will help you become a part of the Raw culinary community in the today's world. 
Deciding on the perfect Raw Culinary art school is simply the first step, finding your 
way in the Raw culinary community comes next.

Put on your chef hat and turn down the flames!!

Come and learn from one of the best RAW Living foods Chef Extraordinaire... 

Mehmet Ak who has been in restaurant industries three decades and convert himself 
to Raw/Vegan food over night in 2004.

Cousin's IV is complete with a full service dining experience featuring the best in the world of living food cuisine that focuses on influences from the Mediterranean. Menu items and customized weekly specials have been designed to awaken the senses and renew the body.

Our goal is to nourish at a cellular level where nutrients, flavors and the true benefits and spirit of the food resonate and assimilate.

All cuisine items are prepared with the highest quality organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and superfoods from around the world that incorporate the highest levels of nutrients, life-force and love available.
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